Jun 6, 2011

Moss by Day

This photo of Kate Moss by late photographer Corinne Day is one of my favorite photos of all time. I will always prefer this waif-like, young yet tired type of beauty to the bouncy, shiny, smiley VS angels. The latter is just uninteresting.

picture from tig-fashion.blogspot.com

Jun 2, 2011


BMAF = Beirut's Music and Arts Festival. I didn't manage to take any pictures of the actual festival but this is us leaving the festival. I made my boyfriend leave cause I was craving a coconut crepe, something I hadn't had since 2008.

Favorite moment of the evening was when a cover band played a Muse song that gave me memory flashes from a Paris night in Baron when me and CB drank champagne in a parked car because we needed to calm down from the action inside...

Jun 1, 2011

Mario Testino

I have a hate-love relationship with Testino's photography. Sometimes he's behind the most amazing pictures, and at other times I feel like I could have taken a better photo with my blackberry camera (see latest cover of Vanity Fair). This photo from the latest issue of Vogue Brazil kind of summarizes it: you have all the components to make a great photo but somehow Testino finds a way to screw it up...

photo from fashiongonerogue

Dog park

Tyson and Duke <3 reunited at last! And the best part is that a man from BETA passed by and informed us that there is a dog show coming up next week-end. Who's going to be best in show? Who's going to be best in show? Well... that will depend on Tyson's mood for the day, I'm not getting my hopes up, but he's the best in my show at least and that counts for something.

Sunny day

One more paper done for my visa extension (this one had kittens in his office), it's sunny outside but not sticky warm, the only important thing on the agenda just got post-poned - today is looking good.

picture from TFS

I got my Visa and my v....

Wait... I don't. Tomorrow the journey of renewing my Visa continues. Will the smooth flow of today's sleeping notaries (assistants were also face-on-keyboard sleeping) who have you in and out of their office in five minutes continue? Or will the heroine of this story be forced to leave the country for a day? Mmm, the plot thickens....

 picture from this site

May 31, 2011


Driving down the highway (or sitting in the front seat of a car going down the high way) I was amazed by the number of wedding related billboards that decorate the coastal landscape. There's the infamous "You may now kiss the banker!" offering couples loans for their big day, there's the civil marriage in Cyprus-deals for those who can't get married in a church or a mosque as well as countless brands advertising "haute couture" dresses for women who want to get the stripper-bride down the aisle or up the pole look.

I bought the wedding magazine U Bridal, to use for my recent artsy project, and I only had to skim through a paragraph to feel like reading every article before starting to cut out any images. I mean, I come from a culture where marriage just isn't that big of a deal so all this bridal hysteria amuses me; I remember discussing weddings with my friend Monica when we were younger and saying things like the third time you get married it's wisest to wear a minimalistic dress. In U Bridal they talk about your wedding day like its the last day of your life - the whole "remember you will NEVER have as nice of a day like this one EVER again in your life" is on almost every page mixed with tips on how you can bedazzle everything around your tulle-explosion of a dress to make sure that "all eyes stay on you at all times!". Question, if I'm invited to a couple's wedding, why wouldn't I be looking at the bride and groom?!

Luckily, the wedding I attended yesterday wasn't as lunatic as what I had read about, but of course it didn't lack any of the essential elements. It was beautiful outdoors ceremony, which I unfortunately didn't understand a word of, in the middle of a garden with white bouquets on pedestals of different heights. After the ceremony we walked down to a terrass for the welcome drink, which was a chance to mingle and to check out what the women were wearing - I was not disappointed. There were the five hour hairdos, my favorite was the size of a basketball, and the prom-like dresses with "matching" everything, in this category my favorite was a long white dress (seriously wearing white to a wedding, huh?).

After walking down to the dinner area, the newly weds made their grand entrance with dancers, flags, music and dabkeh - this is apparently inspired by the way weddings used to happen in villages. Then there was the dinner, enough to feed a small city in Sweden, followed by the cake-cutting which, naturally, is the moment for the pyrotechniques to come in the picture. Anyway, I had a good evening! Especially during the bouquet toss when I, at first, was the only girl past the age of twelve. I'm hoping to get to go to more Lebanese weddings now that "wedding season" has kicked off. I have a feeling a lot of them will make the royal wedding seem less than understated...

May 30, 2011


- I still haven't been able to ID who they are by though..

picture from fashiongonerogue

May 28, 2011


This photo is dedicated to the Cannes 2008 girls; Chanel, Charlotte and Lydia. Because nothing enlightens a photo like placing your leg on top of something - see facebook photo albums for reference (especially the Monaco one).

May 27, 2011


all pictures from: fashiongonerogue

Tyson and the Duke

I really miss Tyson playing with his friend Duke the Labradoodle.. Why we didn't take his parents' number, I have no idea.

And yes, I just re-discovered photoshop and put a picture of a cloudberry-field behind the two dogs...


Huh? I'd like to take you up on the "all over the world" part! Or, on second thought, I probably don't... I've been wanting to try taking a bus ever since I got here, but my boyfriend refuses saying it is like quote stepping in to a trash can end quote. I did take a cab by myself for the first time yesterday - Maybe the two are somewhat comparable? Anyway, it's about time I explore some of the other cities in Lebanon. I thought I had been to Byblos but it turns out Pierre and Friends isn't exactly in Byblos... 

May 24, 2011


Three of my favorite magazine covers - ever.
 pictures from TFS

Electricity will cut for the day...

.... in two minutes. Which is good for Tyson cause I have nothing better to do than to take him to the dog park.

May 23, 2011

Birthday at Manar

Thanks to "the bouta" for making my birthday a lovely one!

May 22, 2011

May 21, 2011


Make me dream, take me somewhere else, make me believe it is the lipstick that made all the difference, sell me a feeling and so help me I will by that f-ing lipstick.

from the Kate Moss for Dior Beauty S/S 2011 thread on TFS

Family photo

Post millenium Beirut

Many things have happened in Beirut since the millenium - war, revolution, you name it - however there was one thing that did not happen.

Eleven and a half years later, Beirut is yet to take down the millenium countdown sign. 

May 20, 2011


I was going to write about my first trip to a Lebanese hair salon, but Tyson looks so unentertained that I think its time we go out for a walk. I'm a bit worried cause the neighborhood's psycho-stray-cat just had kittens and is acting more psycho than usual... Oh, and after about two weeks of Cesar Millan-style training, Tyson showed some amazing progress yesterday when drunken I plus drunken boyfriend took him for a leash-free walk at 5 AM - he heeled on command and followed our every move. I know, I'm becoming such a dog freak.. I was almost more ecstatic about finding a place for agility training in Batroun than over Sarah Burton doing Middleton's dress.


I was requested to put together something for the walls of the FB-office. This is the first one that just needs to be framed now..

In the haircare department....

... at Spinney's clients can enjoy a wast variety in haircare perfumes. If you're tired of your hair smelling like tropical coconuts or spring flowers, you might want to try this!

Yep, bones. I've always dreamed of having my hair smell like.. cow bones.

May 18, 2011


I'm watching Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant in Charade a mixed thriller and romantic comedy. It's the second time I watch it since our DVD-trip to Bourj Hammoud and it's an absolutely lovely film for a boring wednesday afternoon.

May 17, 2011

My friend Axel

I miss you every day.


Owls have been everywhere this season - from Chopard watches to Topshop-accessories. - I invested in the latter.. The owl trend recently went editorial, I like the result.

images from FashionGoneRogue
Photos from the latest issue of Twin
Sara Blomqvist in Rodarte's spring collection
Styling by Celestine Cooney
Photography by Ben Toms

May 16, 2011

Olay 7-dinner

I wrote an article about the Olay 7-dinner that was deemed too non-fashion-related for FB, so I thought I'd say a few informal words about it here. The concept was a seven course dinner with the main ingredient of each dish being beneficial for the skin; yes, this was a fun concept. However, since the invitation did not suggest a seated dinner I, first of all, did not arrive hungry and second of all found the time line of the evening confusing. The courses were served fast (a plus) and the ones I tried were tasty; of course the guests who were not hungry, were not going to stay for seven courses - which was the major down part of the evening. I understand that the last minute location change probably had an impact on the plans for the evening but if I'm sitting down for the duration of seven courses - I want there to be things going on til the end of the seventh course! All activities sort of came to a halt at about dish four....

Nice evening though!

Oh, and one thing that I found funny and have really noticed since I came here is that outfit-wise it's a very ALL or nothing scene in Beirut;the semi-dressed look (cocktail-wear) does not really exist. There's also a misconception about matching! Pairing an orange dress with orange shoes and bag, all with similar embellishments, is so much more than 'ha ha'-funny..

Tyson, play dead!

Organic market

Every Sunday behind Beirut Souk you find a mix of used books, last season's designer clothes, farmer's plant, organic juices and sh-t expensive manouches.

I came back with two bracelets and a Bret Easton Ellis novel.