May 16, 2011

Olay 7-dinner

I wrote an article about the Olay 7-dinner that was deemed too non-fashion-related for FB, so I thought I'd say a few informal words about it here. The concept was a seven course dinner with the main ingredient of each dish being beneficial for the skin; yes, this was a fun concept. However, since the invitation did not suggest a seated dinner I, first of all, did not arrive hungry and second of all found the time line of the evening confusing. The courses were served fast (a plus) and the ones I tried were tasty; of course the guests who were not hungry, were not going to stay for seven courses - which was the major down part of the evening. I understand that the last minute location change probably had an impact on the plans for the evening but if I'm sitting down for the duration of seven courses - I want there to be things going on til the end of the seventh course! All activities sort of came to a halt at about dish four....

Nice evening though!

Oh, and one thing that I found funny and have really noticed since I came here is that outfit-wise it's a very ALL or nothing scene in Beirut;the semi-dressed look (cocktail-wear) does not really exist. There's also a misconception about matching! Pairing an orange dress with orange shoes and bag, all with similar embellishments, is so much more than 'ha ha'-funny..

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