Apr 7, 2011

Tyson ♥

I'm watching Tyson growl in his sleep, moving his legs as if he's dreaming of chasing something. Soon, we'll go to sleep and move him away from the bed. He will wait until he thinks we're asleep, then sneak back and lie on our feet. I love him so much!

Apr 6, 2011



What you see pictured above is a morning on one of our balconies a few weeks ago. To me, that's the middle eastern climate I was expecting (minus the camels, there is a constant lack of camels here) - a shining sun with a slight Mediterranean breeze on top. So when the prognosis for this week says rain until Sunday, and not rain-rain, no no, acid rain, even some spicy Japanese nuclear rain according to some, needless to say - I feel ripped off.

(Update: now they're saying it'll be sunny. Ginette's terrace here we come?)

Kristina Gorina

When my dear boyfriend took me to the Chanel HC show last summer, I didn't have the slightest idea what to  wear so we went to see the lovely Kristina Gorina who let me pick and choose some pieces from her  b e a u t i f u l  spring collection. Unfortunately, Cinderella had to give everything back after the ball, and while waiting to see what her new spring collection looks like I am still tormented by the fact that I didn't buy the pieces I borrowed... 

 I wore this light pink dress - which is backless,
(it's longer than what it looks like in the photo, don't worry)
 .... with the white sleeveless vest
that's under the grey jacket in this photo

edit***: this in no way implies that I did not very much appreciate and love the black Gorina-dress that you got me, boyfriend dearest!

Apr 5, 2011

"I'm here for sport"

As I've previously mentioned the women who go to the same gym as me don't exactly share my definition of "work out-wear". Not that I think it's ever okay to wear white lace-trimmed leggings (see older post), but it's especially-extra-not-okay to wear it to the gym. Unfortunately, I can't photograph the women in my gym during their non-working out sessions, that would be a less than socially graceful move, so fortunately I managed to find Maya Zankoul's perfect illustration of what I'm dealing with. 

- But I would like to add that the lace-trimmed leggings woman also sometimes wears legless shorts and, this one has been my favorite look so far; today she wore stockings under her shortshorts. Stockings. At the gym. C l a s s y.

Illustration from Maya Zankoul's old blog


Instead of taking the time to get a mop and giving each step a swab - you climb all the way up to the top and then spend half an hour or so poring copious amounts of water and chemical products (biodegradabwhat?) down the stairs causing a beautiful possibly-toxic-waterfall. - That you have time to admire in all its glory cause if you're not wearing a swimsuit there is no way to actually use the stairs during this time.

Apr 4, 2011

Great Pants

 all from net-a-porter

Silver Balmain... Blue Roksanda Ilinic... and three silk pants from Gucci's extremely wearable (as always) spring collection. Seriously, black tuxedo pants in stretchy silk!! Why, why aren't they a part of my recently color coordinated closet?

Malgosia Bela for Numéro #122

Malgosia Bela 
Ph: Greg Kadel
Styling: Elizabeth Sulcer
Hair: Peter Grey, Makeup: Mariel Barerra

Apr 2, 2011

Tyson's favourite show

Oriental dancing

I'm not much of a dancer no matter how much I love it and here in the middle east dancing isn't just the normal bouncing around to SHM while putting one hand above your head and waving it in different directions.... or like in my case lip-syncing rap lyrics, trying to bend my knees at least somewhat according to the rhythm of the song and, most importantly, making a huge effort to balance the piscine in order to spill as little champagne as possible on myself. No, no! Here it's all about clapping, flexible wrists, air-waving, hip-shaking and all other things that I can't do with a straight face.
- Unless heavily, heavily intoxicated. Like in photo below...


The silk suit in the last picture is exactly what I can't find in stores anywhere.

Apr 1, 2011


Long time fan of Maya Zankoul's illustrations, which I know understand much more when I've seen the Beiruti-phenomenas myself, I love her new site where you can make your own Zankoul-style avatar.

Postcard Perfect Byblos