Apr 5, 2011

"I'm here for sport"

As I've previously mentioned the women who go to the same gym as me don't exactly share my definition of "work out-wear". Not that I think it's ever okay to wear white lace-trimmed leggings (see older post), but it's especially-extra-not-okay to wear it to the gym. Unfortunately, I can't photograph the women in my gym during their non-working out sessions, that would be a less than socially graceful move, so fortunately I managed to find Maya Zankoul's perfect illustration of what I'm dealing with. 

- But I would like to add that the lace-trimmed leggings woman also sometimes wears legless shorts and, this one has been my favorite look so far; today she wore stockings under her shortshorts. Stockings. At the gym. C l a s s y.

Illustration from Maya Zankoul's old blog

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